About Dave Contarino

Dave Contarino is a Democratic political consultant. He has advised such prominent Democrats as Bill Richardson and Jeff Bingaman. Dave Contarino is currently president at Contarino & Associates, a consulting firm in Louisville, Kentucky. Contarino advises businesses, organizations and political clients. The company offers clients the resources, direction and information they need to become successful, whether the objective is winning campaigns, earning press coverage, or affecting public policy.

Dave Contarino has a knack for steering overlooked campaigns to unexpected landslide victories and for remaking political underdogs into upset winners. His winning streak was evident in 2012, when Dave Contarino managed the campaign for Congresswoman Michelle Grisham and secured an unexpected win in the Congressional Democratic primary.

Prior to that, Dave Contarino worked as campaign manager and senior adviser for Sen. Jeff Bingaman. In 2002, Dave Contarino served as campaign manager for Gov. Bill Richardson. In 2007, Contarino was asked to lead Richardson’s campaign for U.S. presidency.

During his successful political career, which has spanned more than 25 years, Dave Contarino has helped six Democratic governors into office.

In recent years, Dave Contarino has been focusing on Independent Expenditure PACs. Contarino’s wealth of experiences has been critical to the success of numerous campaigns including Patriot Majority, Colorado Freedom Fund, Democratic Governors Association, and Kentucky Family Values.

Throughout his career, Dave Contarino has helped candidates bring scope to their candidacy and context to not only the societal issues they’re trying to serve, but also to the candidates and staff themselves. Among his colleagues, Dave Contarino is known as an innovative leader who has the ability to keep his composure during the heat of battle.

Contarino is a firm believer that people, not politics, ensure a successful campaign.

Dave Contarino resides with his wife in Kentucky where he enjoys spending time at Lake Herrington and the Kentucky Derby.


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