Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dave Contarino Explores Herrington Lake, Kentucky

Dave Contarino
Dave Contarino is a businessman and political campaign consultant based in Louisville, Kentucky. To take a break from his busy life, Dave Contarino often seeks peace and solitude at Kentucky’s Herrington Lake.

Herrington Lake is a 2,335-acre man-made lake located in Boyle, Garrard and Mercer counties in Kentucky. With a maximum depth of nearly 250 feet, Herrington Lake is the deepest lake in Kentucky, says Dave Contarino. The area near the dam reaches 249 feet, and the lake’s mean depth is 78 feet, says Dave Contarino.

The charm of Herrington Lake lures vacationers year in and year out. It’s no surprise, says Dave Contarino, since Herrington Lake is a playground for many outdoor and recreational sports. Popular water sports include water skiing, tubing, swimming, and even cliff jumping. Another exciting thing to do on the lake is wakeboarding, says Dave Contarino.

According to Dave Contarino, Herrington Lake Marina offers pontoon boat rentals and overnight stays where boat owners can tie their boats in front of their cabins. Dave Contarino owns a cabin on the southern part of the lake. The house sits on a steep slope overlooking the water, providing a relaxing atmosphere with breathtaking sunsets. At the cabin, Dave Contarino enjoys lazy evenings on one of the decks, sipping Kentucky bourbon or smoking an occasional cigar.

According to Dave Contarino, great fishing is also abundant, and the well-stocked lake contains catfish, bass, bluegill and crappie. Herrington Lake consistently produces some of the best reservoir fishing the state has to offer, says Dave Contarino. “Although I am a pretty novice angler, I have pulled out some decent size catfish and bass along with bunches of crappie and bluegill. Pan fried fresh fish is divine eating,” offered Dave Contarino.

A large amount of precipitation falls at Herrington Lake. May brings the most rain while October is ordinarily the driest month, says Dave Contarino. Because the lake is a reservoir, with the water used to generate hydroelectric power through the Dix Dam, water levels can vary by 20 feet or more. “After the rainy season, if they haven’t run water out through the dam, I can fish off my upper deck, says Dave Contarino, “and my lower, concrete deck is under water!

Throughout the warm summer, highs are commonly in the 80s and 90’s at Herrington Lake so Dave Contarino and his family do a lot of swimming and just floating around on rafts to stay cool. Once the sun sets, temperature dips down to the 60s and 70’s offering a break from the summer daytime heat. Cold winter days come with highs in the 40s, and winter nights see lows in the 20s on Herrington Lake, notes Dave Contarino.

According to Dave Contarino, many visitors at Herrington Lake prefer to have a place to camp out under the stars after a long day of fishing. Herrington Lake offers campgrounds, camping sites, RV parks, or virtually anything that has to do with camping, says Dave Contarino. Just remember to hang or hide your food for the night, says Dave Contarino. Bears love to visit at night, says Dave Contarino, and having the remnants of your latest meal resting on the picnic table may entice the animals. Campers might encounter a bear party at their campsite when they wake up in the morning, says Dave Contarino.


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