Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dave Contarino Explores Herrington Lake, Kentucky

Dave Contarino
Dave Contarino is a businessman and political campaign consultant based in Louisville, Kentucky. To take a break from his busy life, Dave Contarino often seeks peace and solitude at Kentucky’s Herrington Lake.

Herrington Lake is a 2,335-acre man-made lake located in Boyle, Garrard and Mercer counties in Kentucky. With a maximum depth of nearly 250 feet, Herrington Lake is the deepest lake in Kentucky, says Dave Contarino. The area near the dam reaches 249 feet, and the lake’s mean depth is 78 feet, says Dave Contarino.

The charm of Herrington Lake lures vacationers year in and year out. It’s no surprise, says Dave Contarino, since Herrington Lake is a playground for many outdoor and recreational sports. Popular water sports include water skiing, tubing, swimming, and even cliff jumping. Another exciting thing to do on the lake is wakeboarding, says Dave Contarino.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Dave Contarino Talks About Kentucky’s Eustace Williams House

Dave Contarino
Dave Contarino is the proud resident of the Eustace Williams House, which is an integral part of Anchorage, Kentucky, history. The home is on the National Register of Historic Places, Dave Contarino says, and as a respected political consultant, he finds it a great place to relax and unwind.

Located on Owl Creek Lane in Anchorage, the Eustace Williams House was built in the early 1900s for Eustace Williams, the son of a prominent Anchorage family. Williams was a well-known reporter in the area at the time and later, he became the secretary for Kentucky’s Highway Commission. Below, Dave Contarino talks more about the Eustace Williams House in Anchorage, Kentucky.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dave Contarino Explains the Evolution of Anchorage, Kentucky

Dave Contarino
Dave Contarino knows when people hear the word Anchorage, they think of Alaska. But to him, the word Anchorage means the beautiful, historic town in Kentucky where he lives. Anchorage, Kentucky, dates back to the 1700s, when people began discovering the area, which early maps identified as “Hite’s Mill.”

Today, Dave Contarino maintains a historic home in the area, where he enjoys spending as much time as possible. Below, Dave Contarino answers questions about the city that is located near the popular tourist spots of Louisville, Kentucky.

Q: Anchorage isn’t located on the water, so why the water-themed name?

Dave Contarino: The city is actually named after one of its earliest residents, a shipping boat captain whose home was called the Anchorage. He died in 1875, and three years later, the city was incorporated and named after him in order to honor him.


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